Monday, March 4, 2013

Dinosaur Party and Pinterest

Like many people I enjoy browsing on Pinterest.  My husband will say that I need a "pintervention"[Husband: She does. Remember, the first step is admitting you have a problem] but really I don't go on that much nor do I attempt to do many of the projects I do find.  However, when I was a planning a mini dinosaur party for my sons third birthday I had to give some of the ideas a try.
My favourite was the hats:

The kids didn't like wearing them (they don't wear many hats) because of the string underneath their chin but they were so simple to make and so fun I didn't care too much.  A little bit of construction paper slipped into the seams of the hats and voila cheap generic hats are now fun and interesting.

This idea I couldn't take credit mother was in town and saw a picture of this watermelon dinosaur head and was determined to do it.  Unfortunately the watermelon we grabbed was far too ripe and juice got everywhere and made the whole project harder. But it certainly impressed me, as I would have surely cut a finger (or two) off attempting it [Husband's Note: My wife is the single most accident prone woman I know. If she's not careful, she could burn down the apartment making cereal].

 The main part of the theme was the cake. That I didn't find on Pinterest, but in a quick google search. It was based off many cakes of a similar design.   I am definietly not a cake decorator but considering how it could have come out I was happy. The little touches I-again-have to credit my mother.  She roasted coconut for the base and made tree out of long biscuits and parsley.  The look on Jack's face made all the work worthwhile. [Husband's Note: There I am, resplendent in my polo and dinosaur hat. Bask in my magnificence, muahaha!]

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