Monday, October 22, 2012

Loyal Husband here, with beer!

Loyal Husband here, and I'm hijacking this blog for a minute to describe one of my favorite pastimes: Making Beer. Darn near anyone can do it*, and even bad home made beer is still pretty decent. I have constructed this neat little tutorial on how you can make your own. Below, your screen will be filled with the glorious images of our kitchen, my ingredients for making this batch of beer, and *gasp!* shots of myself! (H would be seen here, but she is terrified of cameras**)
I hope you enjoy!

Hannah's Notes:
* As evidenced by the fact that the American succeeded. (See I can make lame jokes about nationality too).

**I'm not scared of camera's, I'm scared of the pictures. There is a difference!

*** I hope you take note of the fact he copied and pasted an image for the body of the blog. Which means he doesn't get someone picking apart his work.  Honest mistake or scared?  Let's split the difference and just say American. I will work on formatting this, and reposting another time ;)

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