Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Potty Training

My eldest child turned three a month ago and I thought he would have been potty trained by now, aren't three year olds supposed to be potty trained?

Jack is stubborn though .  Whether he gets that from his parents or is a by product from his hair colour he stubbornly won't use a potty (Husband's note: He clearly gets it from his mother, don't listen to her!).  He understands the concept, he doesn't want to have accidents (they tend to upset him) yet he doesn't want to sit on a potty and so won't.

I have read the books, the blogs, the advice from other parents.  We have tried the three day method, the charts, the bribery, the long term methods, the stopping for a while to give him a break, the list goes on.

I know he won't be in diapers forever, and have come to accept the fact that when he is ready he will use the potty and there is not point forcing the issue and making everyone more upset but it is just one more thing to add do the list of things you don't want to have to discuss with the other parents at the park. (Husband's note: among those topics are what your toddler is doing with those cigarette butts, and your daughter's affinity for finding all the sharp goods in the house.)

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