Monday, October 22, 2012


So, welcome to my new blog!

I am really unsure how to start this or begin without sounding awkward . I will tell you a bit about myself and what I am all about.

I currently stay at home and look after my two toddlers. I have been cross stitching for about 10 years now as a hobby, but have also dabbled in knitting, crochet (that went badly) and other paper-crafting.  It got a little out of control and every room is now decorated with my art. Since then family have received lots of gifts and now I've run out of people to give crap to gift I have decided to share what I do with the rest of the world.

I will keep up the blog, which will probably consist of posts on my inspirations, talking about my children (which I can get a little out of hand) and tips and tricks I have learnt when crafting. My husband will probably also pop in once in a while to give us his thoughts on things*.

I hope you stick around and take a look at the site!

H xx

*HI THERE! I'm the aforementioned husband. For commentary, I'll be listing my thoughts down here as footnotes to H's blog posts. This format has proven irreisistable for those of us with a history of Terry Pratchett Withdrawl.

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