Thursday, October 25, 2012


Pumpkins!  I love autumn,  mainly because of the food and that definitely includes pumpkins.

I grew up in a country where Halloween was certainly not a big deal.  We put out carved pumpkins, but no one really went trick or treating, it was only something we saw in American movies and tvs.  Then of course the next big Fall Holiday; Thanksgiving.  Simply doesn't exist. 

After first moving to the US, I halfheartedly got into the spirit of american holidays, but after 12 years I am now completely on board and my favourite part is the fact that you can get Pumpkin flavoured everything.  This year rather than just buy pre packaged pumpkin everything I decided to bake my own pumpkins and use that to make some goodies.

It was so much easier than I first thought.  The only hard part was cutting open the pumpkin, it took knives of all shapes and sizes to figure out how to cut it in half.  I had to leave my husband to it, as I was sure he would lose a figure and I could not watch.

Once it was open, we scooped the gunk out and put the two halves covered in foil in a 350 degree oven for 90 minutes.  Then all that pumpkin is scooped out and put in a blender, and voila pumpkin!

Out of the two pumpkins, I made soup, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate cake.  We are putting those holiday pound on early around here.

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